Harry Hodgson

September 4, 1945 - December 19, 2018

I, Sylvia, held Harry's hand in marriage over 51 years ago and vowed to be with him "for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part, so help me God"...and he vowed the same to me.  On December 19, 2018, we parted because of his failing health.  Harry was a fatalist and whenever the subject of death and dying came up, with anyone, he would say that his day was marked on the calendar.  Did he know that December 19th was his day, probably not...but he Monday, singing  Christmas carols off key while his grandkids decorated gingerbread houses and giggled.  But...Pops knew every word to every song that he sang, and didn't mind the giggles because he was used to it!


Harry did it all when it came to ANY sport, and when he couldn't participate anymore, he would cheer on his favourite teams, or individuals, but he always made time for band concerts and dance recitals too.  Harry's love for all of these things, was exceeded only by the love and pride he had for his family...son Kelly, and his devoted wife Dara, and their wonderful children Brittani, and her new husband Zach, Ashlyn and Cassidy; his beautiful daughter Christy and her devoted husband Justin, and their wonderful children, Austin and Keira.  He loved his family with such a passion! 


Harry lived his life, his way, and died, his way by telling the surgeon to "let me go" if there was no quality of life.  His humour was endless until his dying day...three EMT's struggling to lift him onto the stretcher and Harry saying "sorry guys...I've been trying to lose weight"!  He is now with his parents Edwin and Gertrude and sister Joanne.


Harry is at peace now, talking about "them New York Yankees" with the Lord, and singing O Holy Night (off key) with Anne, his mother in law, then having a "pail" of ice cream with Eric!  Oh...and what's it like seeing your hero Roberto Clemente again Harry?  Does he remember meeting you in Nicaragua when you were there playing baseball for Team Canada in 1972?


Many thanks to the first responders and the unbelievable comforting people in emergency at the Grey Nuns Hospital.  I don't know how you people do this day in and day out!  God Bless You!  Also, many thanks to all who have touched me, and my family, with your hugs and sympathy.


Another of Harry's requests was to be cremated because "he loved the heat".  So to all of his friends and team mates (and I know there are many) please be patient as we will be celebrating his life when it gets "hotter"!! Thank you so much for being part of his journey and laughing at his "funny" comments!


For many years Harry shared his passion for baseball and hockey by coaching kids, and we know that he would really appreciate any kind of a donation to Sport Central to help make it possible for more children to experience what he did growing up, and that is the power of sport!  So no flowers please.


I love you Harry and will miss you and your "ways"!

Till we meet again...Sylvia

Celebration of Life


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Harry always wanted every child to have an opportunity to play sports - regardless of family income.  Please consider donating Equipment or Sponsorship.

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